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What Grants Clients are Saying


Grant, my friend,
You were amazing last night and yes, I can't wait to do it again with you.
You are a true master at your craft and you made all the difference. We
collected almost 6,100,000. Pretty good for one nights work! You were so
much fun to work with and your energy was palpable! Jay loved you too!
Please, stay in touch and you'll probably be hearing from our New York
office soon. Again, thank you for everything you did for us!!     Best,



There is always room for improvement, but this time I don’t know what you could have done to have been any better. You were incredible! You were magnificent! You were phenomenal!

Have a great holiday and we look forward to working with you next year.

Warm personal regards,






You did a FABULOUS job and didn’t leave one cent on the table.  Everyone thought you were the consummate professional

You had passion, wit and a sense of drama!

Thanks for everything,


Judith Gassner

Senior Director of Development and Principal Gifts

Torrance Memorial Healthcare Foundation


Hey Grant,


So you know that you're only making this harder on yourself. Because with each passing year, your total for us gets bigger & bigger and that just puts more & more pressure on you for the following year. In short, you were fantastic AGAIN last night! 


I know that it's always hard to work with a celeb that you don't know well,  And all things considered, I thought your interaction was great, and you handled her expertly.

We really appreciate you doing this again for us, and you will be the first person we call as soon as we confirm a date for next year.

Alan Uphold

Point Foundation

Grant was exceptionally lively, entertaining and effective (as we know him to be). Because of his skill, he was able to double many of the live auction items...WWS LOVES his energy and ability to put his heart to work -- he's authentic and an absolute pleasure to work with! He's a god at WWS camp, for sure!
-- Pamela Penson, Walk With Sally

Hi Grant,I hope you enjoyed your evening this last Saturday at the Sharefest 10th Annual Fundraiser Dinner! It was a tremendous success for the organization and, as always, it was wonderful to see the community come together in such a powerful way.Thank you for your role in making the dinner program such a great experience for everyone. It was an honor to have you there, and simply put, we couldn't have beat our ambitious goal without your expertise from the stage.Again, thanks for everything - we can't do what we do without the support from so many dedicated people.

Incredible! Never before has an auctioneer engaged the entire room in the process like you did. Not just the bidders were having fun, but all of us got involved in egging them on, loving the process and applauding your great success. The "take" topped all others for the past 10 years. You are amazing and, as chair of this event, I send you my deepest appreciation.
-- Joyce Fienberg, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra

Such a wonderful job once again! The liveliness and fun-factor were super high and your interaction was absolutely charming. The pace of the auction was perfect. Thanks so much for contributing to such a memorable evening!
-- Julie Larson, Los Angeles Children's Chorus


Grant came highly recommended to us as our live auctioneer and financial pitch facilitator. With so much importance placed on our night of event fundraising, we were nervous to try someone new. Grant EXCEEDED our expectations and helped our organization raise more funds than ever before! His professionalism and charm really engaged our audience to give, while having a good time! Thank you, Grant!

-- Jennifer Ortiz, The Trevor Project



Grant is not only completely professional and reliable, he is so well versed in what he is doing that the entire organization completely trusts and relies on his expertise and judgment. He is a true asset to our biggest fundraiser and has personally made it his mission to not only know the committee members from year to year but the actual donors, attendees, and big bidders as well. Having him has made the Live Auction portion of the event more successful every year including our biggest year yet in 2011!! And on top of all that he is a super nice, fun person whom I and all the attendees of the event look forward to seeing and working with every year.

--  Christi Carni, Live Auction Chair, St. Anastasia Parish Ball Committee



You were amazing. You have no idea how many people LOVED you! You raised so much money for us Saturday night (close to $75k during live auction) and we broke records on all fronts. I am so grateful and we will definitely use you again and again. As soon as we figure out our date for next year's event, we will contact you to book the event. Thank you, thank you, and thank you -- you truly made me look great that night!

-- Bo


I wanted to drop you a line and thank you so much for the work you did for our vent in Atlanta. The energy and excitement you helped create was fantastic! In all, you helped us raise $75,000 at our event! I look forward to partnering with you next year to break the $100,000 mark! You are fantastic! 

-- Jack Shuff, Tournament Chair








Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job on Saturday night.

We raised more for this year's auction and scholar appeal than ever before--more than $100,000.  In addition, the two women that raised their hands for the $25,000 decided to commit to doing a named scholarship, thus stretching their commitment to an additional $25,000 per year over the next three years for a grand total of $100,000.  All totaled, the night generated more than $400,000 in revenue--the most ever for a Los Angeles event.

And I had more than just a handful of people talk about what a great job our auctioneer did--especially about how engaging you were and how well you worked with the crowd and kept it moving.

Thank you for everything!




I would say that Grant was definitely the best auctioneer we've ever used. He had an amazing way of entertaining the crowd and he was constantly reminding them of our causes which led them to raise their hands. He was great and totally dedicated to the evening. Grant really became our partner in the evening in helping us achieve our goal for raising funds!

-- Shelly King, 


You were FABULOUS!!! During your 'Raise the Paddle,' one my Board members HUGGED me and said "You're a genius!" Thank you for...making this the most successful event we've ever had.
-- Joanne David, Haven Hills


Grant, I thank you. Wouldn't want to do our appeal and auction with anyone else. You are a master at what you do, and you make what can be a painful few minutes into a respectful, enjoyable, and critical moment of opportunity, both for our cause and for the people in the room who want to give and just need the right invitation.
-- Jonathan Zeichner, A Place Called Home

Thanks for the great job you did. You had the audience going, and the bidding was really outstanding.-- Richard Oxford, The Jonathan Club


The children we are able to serve with those extra dollars may never know your name, but trust me, I certainly appreciate your talent!
-- Bill Magee, Operation Smile

You did a marvelous job! It turned out really beautifully, and we were so happy to have you there.
-- Jennifer McDougal, The Wilson Heart Center

Thank you for doing such a GREAT job on all our live items! Your enthusiasm kept the momentum and excitement going!
-- Madeline Loef, Marymount, Homeport

You are so much appreciated! You did a great job with no notice or prep! And you were instantly family!! We definitely intend to use you again and will put your name through for our next event. Thanks again!-- Ellen Wolf, Malibu Synagogue


I heard a guest at our school auction last night say 'Oh good, Grant's here again. I love that guy!' That's how we all feel. Grant has been doing the auctions for our annual dinner dances and golf tournaments for the past four years. In addition to doing a fantastic job raising money for us, he has a great sense of humor and takes the time to get to know the faculty, staff, and parents in attendance. That winning combination makes our auctions successful, fun, and much more personal. Grant is like part of our school family now. We are sure to always book him a full year in advance.
-- Dina Briggs, Our Lady of Perpetual Help School


We would like to sincerely thank you for your time and services given to the annual St. Anastasia Parish Ball. You always make the live auction so interesting and have helped us to raise funds for the parish school for many years. You have a way of getting people to raise their hands while you 'work the floor.' You are a master at what you do.

-- Reverend Thomas King


Grant, you are the best. I've seen you work rooms for years. You've helped our organizations raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. Thanks for your support.

-- Petter Wenner, Fundraising Consultant


Grant, thank YOU for an outstanding job!!  You outdid yourself and things couldn't have been better. People had such a great time at both the Live Auction and Raise the Paddle. You made it so much fun to part with the $$ and made donating clearly "the thing to do" in the moment. Bottom line, we are very pleased.  Thanks again for a great 

job Grant.  You made it lots of fun and people enjoyed themeselves very much.   

Barbara (Wells Bring Hope)






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